The World in 2020…


When I think about what the world will be like in 2020, I have two different thoughts. The first thought that comes to mind is, “2020 is only eight years away… how much can really change in eight years?” The second thought is, “Look how much has changed since I graduated high school…. And it hasn’t even been eight years.” My second thought is a little more of the reality, I have a feeling. There have been so many changes in the education world, as well as the real world. Technology advances in the world have had a direct influence on our educational world. School has transformed into a collaborative work space for students, and there are so many more hands on activities. Students are doing projects on the computer and online, and are able to learn concepts in so many different ways.


As I ponder on all the changes that have occurred since I was in school, I can’t truly imagine all the changes that will be taking place without doing a little cringing. I have taught in two districts, and have had so many implications happen within both districts. We are changing the way we teach, the way we communicate with families, and the way that we assess our students. I am sure all of these changes will continue to morph into something that will make sure to please as many as possible.


The choices and innovations that I make in the classroom with affect others because I will want to be a technology leader in the classroom. This is also a major way teaching will be different in 2020. Technology is present in the classroom now, but it will become a major part of the classroom in the upcoming years. I will want students to know that I am living in the digital era, just like they will be. I will be working hard to incorporate and intertwine as many aspects of our curriculum with technology as I can. The world that my students will be living in after they’re out of school will be all but a small bit of technology, so I’ll do my best to prepare my students for the endless possibilities while still incorporating and enhancing their math skills.




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