Paperless Classes

 A paperless class would definitely change my role as a teacher. I wouldn’t be as directly involved with my students, I don’t think. However, I love the idea. It would be different because I wouldn’t be as involved with them as I am now, but I would be online. I would be able to communicate with them while online, as well as in the classroom. However, most students would be able to access the class and me at all times if the class was online. Like the article, I would also want to have “lecture” time in class in order to totally make sure that students were grasping the concepts. I think math is a little more difficult to do online, so having a mixture of both online resources as well as lecture times would be perfect for my 6th grade math class. I would have to really train my students on how to use the resources online in order to make math on the computer less difficult. I would be able to measure learning the same way that I do now with my students if we have a paperless class. We do standards based grading, so I would still be able to do that. I think paperless space would make building a learning network a lot easier. Students would be able to constantly have access to unlimited resources, and shy students would be able to better express themselves and collaborate with their classmates. Overall, I love the idea of paperless classes and if we had access to computers all the time, I think students would enjoy them as well!

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