Big Shifts!


The big shift that I chose to write about is the Big Shift 3: The Social, Collaborative Construction of Meaning ful Knowledge. This shift talked about how students used to be expected to work independently on their work, but are not collaborating with their classmates. The shift has affected my teaching practice in many ways. Since I started teaching, I have always had my students work collaboratively to learn materials. I feel that when students work together, they’re able to learn from another student’s point of view and it’s taught more in “kid-friendly” language. We also have used computers to work together a little bit. We don’t always have access to computers, but when we do, there are activities we can do together. I think it will positively affect me in the future because I will get more out of my students. I will be able to relate the material more to their own lives when we work with technology. I will also be able to let them learn from one another, instead of just me. My views haven’t really changed since I started this course. I have always enjoyed collaboration among students. One thing that has changed though, is my motivation to work even more with online technologies in order to interest my students. I have been exposed to so many new ideas that I really think my students will enjoy! A lot of the information that we have learned about in this class has been technology, and I will be able to use all the ideas to facilitate this shift in my classroom! 🙂


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  1. I reflected upon the same big shift! I agree with you about students learning from each other. It’s funny, but when I think back my parents or another adult would tell me something, but sometimes I wouldn’t fully understand it until someone my level/age told me. It’s so true of students, especially young teens, to get more information from their peers rather than from adults.

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