Using Skype in the Classroom…


When I have connected with another educator through Skype, I have been able to brainstorm with them on various ideas to use in the classroom. One of my friends who is a teacher is in a district that has Promethean boards. I have been able to set up Skype with her and watch her teach lessons with it. It is very inspiring! I like using Skype with other teachers so be able to see what they’re doing in their classrooms, or just chat with them for different lesson ideas. It’s much easier than just using a phone because you’re able to visually see what they’re doing. With the help of Skype, I hope to gain many more new ideas about teaching when I Skype with other teachers. I would also love to have a unit or a section of a unit where our class can collaborate with other teacher’s classes for a unit. Either we could do it as a whole class, or we could pair the students up and have them do a lesson with a partner from another school. This would be my IDEAL plan, but we don’t always have access to computers, so when we get them… that would be my plan:)


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  1. I like the idea of brainstorming with another teacher about classroom ideas. My first thought after reading this was that if there were two teachers who were interested in co-teaching this could be a great way after school to get some good planning done. I also like the idea of being able to watch someone else teach a lesson via Skype. This would be great for new teachers trying to figure everything out. Your idea about skyping with another class is fantastic. There are a few teachers who have tried that in our district and absolutely loved the experience. I hope it works out just as well for you!

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