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Responding to Connectivism…


After looking at the other group’s wiki, I would say that I agree with them that Connectivisim is a positive thing to teach in our classrooms. I took a class this past summer that used Edmodo, and I really learned a lot about it. I had to give a presentation on it with a sample unit, and the other students in my class responded well. Students are able to utilize technology through this resource, and at the same time, they’re learning new material.

Connectivism helps to ensure that students become lifelong learners by facilitating the building of active connections, utilizing intelligent social networking, and encouraging student-generated curricula.

I think the quote the group used above is a good one because it is addressing the 21st century skills that our students need today. There is so much technology in our world today that we, as teachers, need to make sure we are teaching our students how to use it appropriately.


Using Skype in the Classroom…


When I have connected with another educator through Skype, I have been able to brainstorm with them on various ideas to use in the classroom. One of my friends who is a teacher is in a district that has Promethean boards. I have been able to set up Skype with her and watch her teach lessons with it. It is very inspiring! I like using Skype with other teachers so be able to see what they’re doing in their classrooms, or just chat with them for different lesson ideas. It’s much easier than just using a phone because you’re able to visually see what they’re doing. With the help of Skype, I hope to gain many more new ideas about teaching when I Skype with other teachers. I would also love to have a unit or a section of a unit where our class can collaborate with other teacher’s classes for a unit. Either we could do it as a whole class, or we could pair the students up and have them do a lesson with a partner from another school. This would be my IDEAL plan, but we don’t always have access to computers, so when we get them… that would be my plan:)

Using Podcasts in the Classroom


I have created a podcast that was created as an example of how I would use it in the classroom. I will be uploading it as soon as I figure out how… 🙂

I think I figured out how to upload it! Yaaay! If you look along the right side, there should be my widget link with it uploaded there! Let me know if it doesn’t work, please!! The link below should work, too:):)

In a nutshell, I used my podcast as a way for students to apply what they have learned to the real world. They would be interviewing someone who uses math in their job every day, and asking them how they use it. The podcast that I created was a student interviewing a chef and having her explain how she uses math within her job!

Using Flickr in the Classroom.



This is a picture from flickr that I would l use. I would use this in my classroom because I teach math. This picture is an EXCELLENT picture to use with a geometry unit. As you can tell, there are many geometric shapes within the picture. I would also be able to use this to talk about real life application.

Wikis in Your Classroom


The one wiki that I like was the Peru Conference wiki. I liked how the groups were broken down in order to research every aspect of the culture. I also liked how there were links from this wiki in order to view different aspects about Peru. I also liked that when you clicked on each group, they gave a summary of their topic, as well as links to more information.

I think the hardest part about doing a wiki together was getting organized. I felt a little lost at first because I wasn’t sure where to start, and someone had already made changes to the wiki so I didn’t know what it looked like before it started.

What I learned from the wiki project was that there should be clear instructions as to what is expected. There needs to be a lot of communication in order for the project to be successful. I am guessing that a lot of the reason that the Peru Conference Wiki was successful was because there was some collaboration outside of class. Because we were not able to do that, we needed to find other means of communication.

My opinion on Wikipedia has not really changed throughout the week. The resistance that I am feeling with the use of wikis in my classroom is from myself. I teach 6th graders and so first of all, I think that my students might not work well unless they get to choose their own groups. They also may not be able to completely understand how to work with wikis because they have never worked with them before. Another major reason that I don’t know if I am going to use them is because we don’t have access to computers every day. I have thought about doing it as an extended project, though…. I’m still circling thing idea around in my head!



As we’re learning about all these great advances in technology and how to use technology in the classroom, the rate of cyberbullying is also increasing. Students are taking advantage of their time online to bully other students, and there are many hurtful consequences because of this. One story is linked below.

This is a story about a 13 year old girl named Megan who felt like no one liked her at school. She met someone online and was monitored by her parents. Her parents felt that the “guy” she met online was a nice boy, so they let her talk to him via emails and online chatting. Megan became very intrigued by this guy because he gave her a lot of attention. Soon, though, things changed. He started being extremely mean to her, and calling her names. Megan ended up committing suicide. This “guy” she met online turned out to be a girl she went to school with. This website is a website set up by her parents in hopes to get Megan’s story out there and to put an end to cyberbullying.

This is a very unfortunate event that happens all too often. What do you think we, as educators, can do to stop this cyberbullying amongst our students? What types of bullying do you see in your districts? Are your schools taking any actions toward preventing this type of behavior?

Using social bookmarking with colleagues…


I really like the idea of social bookmarking! I think this would be an ideal way for our math team at CCA to communicate valuable ideas. Although we don’t currently use a or GoogleReader account to collaborate, I do know that all of us math teachers are on Pinterest! We do have boards that are dedicated to school, as well. I feel this is still an informal way to share school and math ideas!

If we were to formally use these websites to collaborate, I honestly think that we would come up with extremely valuable ideas. This past summer I took class that introduced us to and I was able to bookmark many ideas during that time. (If you get a chance, you should check them out! ) There are sights on here that are dedicated to many various things. I should just make the initiative to develop a math bookmarking login for our math team! I can guarantee they would enjoy it:)