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My comment to the student blogging idea…


There is not a direct link yet because it hasn’t been reviewed, but here is what I wrote and a link to where it will hopefully be! (I typed a little too fast and misspelled my name… oops! )

“Thank you so much for the great idea! I’m hoping to start a project similar to this for my own class:) Here is a link to my blog that I just started creating for a class I am taking! Thanks again!”


Interesting Student Blogging Project.



The link above is a link to a blog in which a teacher created a blog for herself, and then her class. By the end of the semester, the students had formed their own blogs and not paid as much attention to her blogs. Because of this, the teacher created a “challenge” through her blog in which students needed to complete activities. It evolved into becoming a challenge in 9 different countries and involved almost 3000 students! This is why I chose this blog. It was a great idea, and her activities or challenges that her students needed to complete were on the blog, as well!

The complete story from the teacher is here:

Howdy! — Goals for class!

My ultimate goal would be to have a whole curriculum online. I know we don’t have computer access every day, but most of my students do have computers at home. I have been thinking about doing this for an extension activity for my first attempt with it. The students who would like to do this can, but they do not have to. I could see a lot of students wanting to be involved in this, which is great! My goal for this the first go-around would be to see how students react to this, and see how well it would work! I really enjoy doing things online, so I think I could get my students to be motivated to enjoy this as well!